Omni park is a temporary activation on vacant land that is designed to beautify, activate and connect the Omni neighborhood. Omni park includes a skate park, concert facility, restaurants and public art and serves as a recreational facility for residents and visitors. The land is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Miami-Dade County and comprises more than 331,000 square feet or approximately 7.5 acres. The majority of these parcels are slated for the FDOT’s $600 million signature bridge project, eventually replacing I-395, and a parking garage for the Adrienne Arsht Center. Upon commencement of construction, Omni Park will cease to exist. It is expected that the lifespan of Omni Park will be 1-2 years. The park is made up of three different parcels. The easternmost area, or “Art Parcel” contains public art commissioned by the Perez Art Museum of Miami (PAMM) and created by renown local artist, Michael Loveland. The chickee huts and pine forests are reminiscent of the native Miami landscape and the Everglades. The central section, or “Zen Parcel” contains art and a large lawn and restaurants. Activities such as yoga and farmers markets take place on this parcel. The westernmost, or “Activity Parcel” contains the skatepark and concert facility. The majority on the park’s activities occur on this site. Omni Park is financed and sponsored by the Omni Community Redevelopment Association, chaired by City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell.  The concept and design are furnished by Urban Implementation, LLC, whose principals Bradley Knoefler and Mark Lesniak are of Grand Central Park fame. Although the park is temporary in nature, more than 60% of its $318,000 budget are removable assets that can be relocated to another site once Omni Park is finished. Temporary activations have been proven around the world to be a catalyst for community redevelopment and to foster permanent economic development. To date, Omni Park is one of the largest temporary parks in the world. The resident activations include:


Skate Park
In collaboration with Skate Free


Michael Loveland Art Installation
In collaboration with PAMM


Live Stage



“Omni Park is the first step of a comprehensive new strategy for redevelopment in the Omni that we have been working on over the past year.”


“We are proud to spearhead this exciting project, which aims to be the first step in revitalizing the OMNI neighborhood. The activation of this space is consistent with the Community Redevelopment Agency's goals of reducing slum and blight and acting as a catalyst for permanent job creating businesses to open nearby.”



Omni Park is made possible with the support of the CRA.
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